About Annual Post

In this world of Social media, people post and share a lot of things everyday. But imagine where people can only post once a day, once a week or once a month, people would attach more importance to what they share online. Posting once a year would seem like a new year resolution, agenda or mission for the year - that's what Annual Post is all about.

On Annual Post, you can only make a single post a year. Since this kind of post tends to be mission-driven, there would be need for fans tracking the post to get updates. Every Annual Post can get a single Update per month. Through Comments and Likes, people can offer support and suggestions. Besides posting your own Annual Post, you can get inspirations from what others are posting.

Annual Post is an on-going project. Currently, whatever is posted here is shared on our Facebook and Twitter pages. If you need to follow us for updates on our project, we would appreciate.

Our lines are open to suggestions, criticisms, bug reports, partnership requests including financial and human resources that can make Annual Post better. Please connect to us by emailing contact(at)annualpost.com